Submersible Pump Services

Submersible Pump Services


Tri-Alta has developed a reputation for being able to tackle problem well applications and make them successful for our customers. This all starts with our Technical Service Group. Whether it be a complete ESP design and quotation, or an analysis of an existing ESP / well’s performance or a customized ESP order for a specific application, Tri-Alta has the experience, knowledge, tools, and manpower to make each application a success for all of our customers.


The "Field" services Tri-Alta routinely offers our valued customers includes:

Field Service Technician: includes equipment lay downs of all other brands, installation of all other brands, evaluation and testing of surface equipment such as VSD’s, switch boards (controllers), transformers, and communication systems.

Spooling Services: includes transportation of submersible pumping systems and cable to and from well sites, banding of cable using either monel, stainless steel, or carbon steel bands, and spooling of cables for lay downs.

Repair and Testing

The “Pump” services Tri-Alta routinely offers our valued customers includes:

Pump Testing via our horizontal test bench: Tri-Alta has tested all brands (Reda, Centrilift, Woods Group), and all three main series (300, 400 and 500) of submersible pumps. A plot of the pump curve, as well as a data printout of the pump’s performance is offered on each test.

Pump Repair: In addition to pump testing, Tri-Alta can provide pump tear down and repairs. Over the years Tri-Alta has been asked by many customers to evaluate other submersible pump failures. This includes the physical tear down of the pump, evaluation and inspection of the parts and a root cause report complete with picture summary.

Motor Repairs, Dry-Out & Coast Testing: Tri-Alta has repaired, tested and dried-out all brands (Reda, Centrilift, ESP / Woods Group) of 300, 400 and 500 series motors. Repairs can range from simple electrical tests and oil changes to full teardowns, inspections and rebuilds. Tri-Alta stocks a full assortment of replacement parts for these different brands.

Dry-outs are implemented when pulled motors are contaminated with excessive well bore fluids and megger readings are poor. Our DC Dry-Out system effectively evaporates all unwanted moisture from the motor in 8 - 24 hours.

Coast testing is done to help prove the motor’s mechanical and electrical fitness. Motor’s are energized and ran at 3500 rpm, until skin temperatures of 140 F and 160 F, where two separate coast tests are preformed. Tri-Alta’s motors consistently achieve coast tests greater than our minimum specification.

Cable Repairs, testing & splices: Tri-Alta has facilitated the testing and repair of over 6.0 Million feet of cable in the 15 years that cables have been worked on in Redwater. This service can range from electrical insulation tests to full spool, test and inspection protocols. A full range of Hy-Pot, surge and megger tests are performed on each cable.

Splicing services ranges from taped splices to full vulcanized / sealed splices for the harshest of well bore environments such deep, hot, sour oil & gas wells.