Tri-alta Oilfield Industries Ltd. is serious about quality. That is why we manufacture all our products to current API specification.

Quality Policy

Tri-alta Oilfield Industries Ltd. is committed to maintaining objectives, performance standards, and continuous improvement of processes and operations to ensure the supply of premium products to our customers expectations, and maintain compliance to API Q1/ISO TS – 29001 requirements.

Manufactured Products

 Tri-alta has the capability to manufacture almost any small part (connectors, adapters, bushings, etc.) you may require for down hole sucker rod or PC pumps.  If long lead times and quality are an issue from your present suppliers, contact us and we will be more than willing to look at your specific needs

Products Presently Manufactured and Stocked

Lift Subs: Plain 15” Lengths with 3/4” / 7/8” / 1” Pin Sizes
Guided 20” Lengths with 2” / 2-1/2” Moulded Guides     

Polish Rod Bullets: 1-1/4” Polish Rod x 5/8” / 3/4” / 7/8” Box
1-1/2” Polish Rod x 3/4" / 7/8” / 1” Box

Shock Reducer: 3/4” Pin x Box x 1.80” OD
-Reduce the Shock and Stress on the entire pumping system, operate the pump as if were pounding bottom, without the harmful effects.

Cross-Over Subs: Any Pin x Box or Pin x Pin Sucker / Polish Rod Thread Configuration
Any Pin x Box EUE / NUE Thread Configuration

Shear Couplings: 3/4” Pin x Box with 14000, 22000, 26000 lb shear
7/8” Pin x Box with 22000, 26000 lb shear
1” Pin x Box with 30000, 40000, 50000 lb shear

Polish Rod Threading: 1/4” Polish Rod x 3/4” or 7/8” Pin
1-1/2” Polish Rod x 7/8” or 1” Pin
-Thread Polished Rods to API specs

Polish Rods: 1045 Piston Steel
4140 Alloy Steel
431 SS and XM-19 (N-50)
Spray Metal Coated

Couplings: Polish Rod, Sucker Rod, Change Over and Spray Metal Couplings

Seating Nipples: API, Pacific, and Camco - any bore size available.

Tubing Drains: 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” and 3-1/2” EUE Hydraulic Type S

Pacific Pump Hold Down: 2” and 2 ½” mechanical, friction and combination

Cross-Over Collars: Any Box x Box EUE/NUE thread configuration

Swages: Any Pin x Pin EUE/NUE thread configuration